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McCamant Consulting, owned by Frank McCamant, is a business and strategy development partner for organizations involved in energy resource management and smart grid development. 

Based in Austin, Texas, I help public and private entities develop a strategic focus for their business development efforts – and translate that strategy into action.

Relationships are important to any business but they are crucial in the electric utility sector. I bring a wealth of executive-level relationships and experience negotiating tough deals while crafting sound public policy. Over the course of my 40-year career, I have tackled some of the toughest utility management challenges on the public agenda. My results-oriented, collaborative style has won the trust and support of stakeholders from the board room to the living room – often in highly charged environments.

Why do public and private industry leaders turn to McCamant Consulting for business and strategy development execution?

Two simple but powerful reasons: 

Relationships.   Results.

Areas of Focus:

  • Wholesale power supply PPAs
  • ERCOT market stakeholder process/representation
  • PUCT monitoring
  • ERCOT market monitoring / analytics
  • Demand Response opportunities
  • Load Resources
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Power project development / off-take agreements



In today’s rapidly changing energy resource marketplace, public and private organizations that plan strategically and act decisively will be well positioned to take advantage of unprecedented market opportunities. For any business trying to navigate such uncharted waters, complexity is the key challenge. I can help codify and evaluate the barrage of information and industry changes facing your organization, identify the most important issues, evaluate the risks, and chart a course for your success


Business & Strategy Development

  • Business development (Generation, Transmission, and Smart Grid) - I provide real-world experience on the ‘ins and outs’ of getting deals done efficiently and successfully, including: managing the development of goals, deal structure, negotiation strategies, detailed agreement frameworks, and implementation strategies. In addition, I can help provide access for your business into various sectors of the electric utility industry to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Strategy development – I analyze market and business conditions, and evaluate complex issues to help my clients develop actionable plans for success. By providing focus and clarity, I maximize my client’s greatest opportunities and minimize their most significant threats.
  • Smart Grid, Distributed Energy Resources, and Demand Resources – I provide real-world experience in this emerging sector to help manage the planning and development of policies that further your organization’s goals while addressing key business concerns. I help my clients understand critical market and policy issues and then work with them to craft attractive project options.


Organizational Development

  • Relationship development – I can help your organization develop or improve relationships with prospective business partners, key regulatory bodies, and important legislative bodies (local, community, city, state, federal). I can identify key relationships and develop a plan to meet your objectives.
  • Governance - I can manage the review of your current governance structures to assess and develop policy and structural improvements needed to address organizational growth or challenges.
  • Organizational coaching – I can provide analysis and advisory services to facilitate growth and improvement.



I have been building strong and effective relationships in the energy resource management and smart grid industry for almost 40 years. During that time, I successfully led many challenging initiatives while navigating dynamic market forces and regulatory and legislative currents in the industry.Since launching McCamant Consulting LLC, I’ve been working with utility and private business clients to successfully implement both smart grid and power development projects. In addition, I manage power supply acquisition and strategic resource planning efforts.


Experience Counts

I’ve led several key business development projects for both generation and transmission, which provided valuable assets for LCRA under a private/public joint ownership framework. These agreements encompassed over 1,000 MW of new generation and over $750 million of new transmission assets. In all cases, the negotiation and development process was based on a collaborative effort that explored and implemented win-win solutions.  

My achievements are not limited to the electric industry. I successfully managed controversial water projects by gathering stakeholder input, facilitating growth dialogue, negotiating developer agreements, and planning complete projects.

In the early 1990's, after completing the executive MBA program at the University of Texas at Austin, I moved into a corporate planning role at LCRA, with responsibilities for strategic, business, and financial planning efforts. I led the organization’s first comprehensive strategic planning process that resulted in the implementation of a new organization structure based on lines-of-business. This structure was key to helping the organization prepare for the deregulation of the electric utility industry. 

I also helped implement and lead an electric utility restructuring task force for a national coalition of the largest public power utilities in the U.S – the Large Public Power Council ( The work of the task force focused on electric policy issue development, legislative analysis, and related regulatory issues – all at the federal level. I successfully led this effort for over twelve years.

In the 1980‘s, I helped staff and eventually manage LCRA’s growing fuels group. I managed significant fuel development and procurement projects from lignite surface mining to natural gas storage to oil and gas exploration and development. Under my leadership, the LCRA developed a new approach for managing fuel resources that was less volatile and more competitively priced for the end consumer. This strategic portfolio approach provided the foundation for LCRA’s success as a low-cost electric generation provider.During this time, I also served as an expert resource for litigation and regulatory proceedings. I played a key role in negotiating and developing several significant agreements for contract services, equipment, rail transportation, coal supply, and natural gas. 

While finishing my engineering degree at the University of Texas at Austin in the mid-1970's, I worked for the City of Austin’s electric utility department. After graduating in 1977, I helped the City of Austin manage the construction of a large coal-fired generation station. In 1979,  I continued working on the same project as an employee of the LCRA (, one of the project’s co-owners.

I am equally committed to community work, having served on local boards and a gubernatorial appointment to a statewide council. With significant experience in leading these organizations as the chairperson, I have helped improve governance, strategic focus, and organizational effectiveness for these entities.



“Frank is a very smart, creative, hard working person. He exhibits a great knowledge of various subjects, great adaptability, tremendous discipline and commitment to teamwork. Frank's focus is always on doing what is best for the organization that he is working with. He possesses the business knowledge you would expect of a seasoned consultant and executive manager (strategic planning, project management, creative thinking, great work ethic, pleasant to work with, etc.). I highly recommend Frank.”  Matt Bentke, CEO, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative

“Frank McCamant brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to clients in the Texas electric market. His personal characteristics of diplomacy, good-natured demeanor and preparation for the job at hand recommend him for a variety of important engagements”. Milton Holloway, President & COO, Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies

“Frank is a highly intelligent, well-read and experienced professional. He is especially talented at making sense out of chaos, at identifying the root cause of situations, quickly assessing situations, and developing actionable strategies. He is a relationship builder and maintains relationships through trustworthy behavior based upon character of higher-order values. I am pleased to recommend Frank as a sharp, experienced colleague and leader”.  Norma Barr, Owner, Barr & Barr Communication Consultants

“Frank has been instrumental in helping guide Consert's sales, marketing and product development teams to success in the municipal and cooperative electric utility industry. He is extremely personable, maintains a positive attitude and does not "sugar coat" his advice and recommendations. Highly respected by all who have had the pleasure of working with him.” Jeff Ebihara, VP Sales & Marketing, Consert, Inc.

“Frank led the negotiations for LCRA in a very large and very complicated transaction involving equity in a power plant. Frank represented LCRA well with a good understanding of the issues and a great deal of diligence during the 18-month process. He managed a team of inside and outside consultants and his leadership is why we are very close to completing the transaction”. David Greeson, Vice President, Development, NRG Energy, Inc.

“Frank has tremendous experience in the electric utility industry, particularly with consumer-owned utilities. His knowledge of the industry, the competitive and regulatory challenges utilities face and the analysis and strategic counsel he offers clients are of the highest quality”.  Deborah Sliz, President & CEO, Morgan Meguire, LLC

“As long-standing Chair of the Large Public Power Council's committee responsible for federal regulatory intervention, Frank did a terrific job in coordinating the group’s successful participation in federal regulatory matters.  Frank has a firm grasp on a wide range of complicated issues and what it takes to meld diffuse points of view into an effective regulatory strategy”.
Jonathan Schneider, Partner, Stinson Morrison Hecker, L.L.P.

“Frank is a personable and fair individual who can be counted on to do what he says he will do. He was a good, tough negotiator and was a pleasure to work with both during our contract negotiations as well as after the deal was consummated”.
Mark Bailey, President & CEO, Big Rivers Electric Corporation

“While I was General Manager at LCRA, Frank worked closely with me on several high profile projects. He was also a trusted advisor to me. He is bright, innovative, a self-starter, and can think. He's good”.
Joe Beal, President, Beal Consulting, Inc.

“Frank did excellent work for the Large Public Power Council as chair of the Electric Restructuring Task Force (ERTF). The issue of electric restructuring was extremely complex and important for public power utilities. Frank did excellent work in coordinating federal issues for several utilities and delivering recommendations that were timely and insightful”.
Roger Duncan, General Manager, Austin Energy

“I worked with Frank when I was conducting several strategic surveys of the public for LCRA. I found Frank to be an excellent strategic thinker. He really understood what kind of information was needed to make strategic decisions and how to use the data we provided effectively. Frank is also extremely easy to work with and is a great partner for projects”.
Will Guild, Owner, The Guild Group

“Frank provided professional results in his work with our city in extending our wholesale electric power agreement. He had a great respect for customer service, had great knowledge of the subject matter, and was concerned our needs were taken into account in this important transaction”.
Terry Roberts, City Manager, Brenham, TX

“I've worked with Frank for many years on issues of common concern to our utilities through the ERTF and have always found Frank to be knowledgeable, courteous, and willing to put his shoulder to the wheel”.
Eric Christensen, Assistant General Counsel, Snohomish County PUD

“I have worked with Frank, both as a coworker and a colleague for almost 30 years. During that time, Frank has always demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, knowledge and insight into the U.S. electric industry. As Chair of the Electric Restructuring Task Force of the Large Public Power Council, Frank's calm and persistent leadership enabled this large, diverse group to find sufficient common ground to endorse a number of important policy positions regarding electric restructuring legislation and market design”.
Michael McCluskey, Deputy General Manager / COO, Austin Energy

“As Chair of the ERTF Frank did a terrific job bringing people with different viewpoints together to work cooperatively. It wasn't an easy job!”
Emma Hand, Associate, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

“Over a 31-year career at LCRA I've had the opportunity to report to Frank, Frank has reported to me, and we have worked as peers in several levels of the LCRA organization. I have always been glad to have Frank on the team. Frank has an ability to think strategically, communicate concisely and a way to get positive results from difficult situations. His skills, personal and professional, complement the Executive leadership responsibilities he has at LCRA”.
Dudley C. Piland, Jr., P.E., CEO, Piland & Associates

“I would recommend Frank McCamant. I enjoyed working with Frank. I found Frank to be professional and an excellent representative for his company and their interest. Our business negotiations spanned a six-month period and Frank's input helped us reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.”
Shawn Nichols, Director, Power Origination, LS Power

"Frank has provided technical and industry expertise that has proven to be invaluable to Consert and its efforts in the Load Resources / Demand Side Resources industry. Frank combines practical knowledge with utility experience - a rare set of skills."
Joe Forbes, Jr., Co-Founder, Consert, Inc.


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